Get ready to make some decisions!

First: Agree on the rules for discussions.

Watch the video on group discussions. Think about what made the discussion the President and the Secretary of State had with the Senators difficult. What are the rules that your group agrees are important? Click on the arrow below to watch the short video.

List five rules on your that you think will make your group better at making decisions and making sure that everyone's opinion is heard. Be ready to share these rules!

Second: Choose the person who will be honored. Click here for the form.

Producer's Report

Your Producer will report about who the current memorials honor, why these people were chosen and show you a picture. Also, you will hear some information about how these people were chosen from the seminar with the other Producers. Think about what character traits these people had and if you agree that they were people we could look up to.

Project Manager's Report

Next, your Project Manager will report about the three people that are candidates for this great honor and give you some information about making a choice from the seminar with the other Project Managers.

Discussion and Vote

After you hear about the three choices, each group member will tell which person they would like and why. Be open minded when others give their reason Once everyone has had a chance to speak, the Project Manager will read each name and you may vote for one person that you think most deserves the honor. The Project Manager will keep track of the votes and tell you who the winner is. If there is a tie, you should briefly give your reasons again for your choice and vote again. If you can not come up with a winner, ask your teacher for help breaking the tie. Congratulations, you have chosen a person of great importance! Write the person who was chosen on the Project Summit form and list the top two reasons why this person was the winner.

Third: Decide what your monument will look like.

Architect's Report

The Architect will now tell you about who designed the current monuments, what they are made of, how the design was chosen and how it reflects the person being honored. Also, the Architect will share what they learned at the seminar they attended with the other Architects. The group should then take some time to think about the person being honored. What were their accomplishments? Is there a way to show this in the design? What materials do you think would be best to use?

Discussion and Architectural Plans

Starting with the Architect, each person should share their idea of what the monument should look like and details about its appearance. Once everyone has had an opportunity to share, the Architect will keep track of the ideas and then tell the group what the monument will look like. Write the details about what the monument will look like on the Project Summit form.

Fourth: Decide where your monument will be located.

Cartographer's Report

The Cartographer will share their map of the different monuments, memorials and landmarks in Washington D.C. with the group and also will share what they learned in their seminar with the other Cartographers. Then he or she will point out some possible locations for the monument.

Discussion and Vote

The group will then vote on the location that they think is best for the new monument. The Cartographer will keep track of the votes and tell you which site wins. If there is a tie, each group member should briefly give their reasons again for their choice and vote once more. If you can not come up with a winner, ask your teacher for help breaking the tie. Mark the location that was chosen on the map and tell which monuments the new monument will be near on the Project Summit form and one reason why this location was chosen.

Fifth: Create your presentation.

Project Manager and Producer

Using the information from their research and discussions, the Project Manager and Producer will write a short script using the planning form that will be videotaped and then shown to "Congress" to get them to choose and support this project.


Using the information from his or her research and group agreement, the Architect will sketch what the monument will look like.


Using the information from the group discussion, the Cartographer will add the location of the new monument to the Google Earth map and print a copy.

Sixth: Film your presentation.

Once your group has practiced the presentation, be prepared to film it. Each presentation will be shown to Congress and they will vote on which monument to build. Good luck! I know the President and the Secretary of State are thrilled with your work! Who knows? Maybe one day there will be a memorial to you and your accomplishments!

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