Step One - Read an overview of your job below: You have been assigned the role of Cartographer. An cartographer is a person who creates maps. When you are an cartographer, you must be very accurate and make sure that you place the memorials exactly where they belong. Your first job for this part of the project is to visit a list of landmarks in Washington D.C. using Google Earth. You will need to find each memorial or landmark listed, put a placeholder where it belongs and print a copy of this map for your group. You will be showing this map to the other members of your group and this information will be helpful when you plan where your new monument goes! Click on the arrow below to watch the short video.

Step Two - Listen to the President describe your job:

Step Three - Learn how to use Google Earth:

To learn how to use Google Earth click on the links below.
First, learn how to find a location.

Now, learn how to add a place marker.

Step Four - Add Places to Your Map

Start with the required memorials and add them to your map. If you have extra time, you can also add the optional places.
First, open up Google Earth by clicking on the icon on your computers. Search for Washington D.C.
Next, search for one memorial at a time from the list below and add it to the map by adding a place holder.



Jefferson Memorial
Capitol Building
Lincoln Memorial
Smithsonian Museum
Washington Memorial
White House
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial
National Mall
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Marine Corps War Memorial

World War II Memorial

When you have added all the place holders, you may ask for permission to print your map. To print, go to the File Menu and select print.

Step Five: Get ready for the seminar.

You'll be meeting with other Cartographers to think about where and how a monument is located. What are some factors you need to think about? Fill out the first question on the Seminar Notetaking form before your meeting.

Click on the link for the Seminar Notetaking form.

Step Six: Attend the seminar.

While you are at the seminar discuss the questions that are on your form. Listen to what the other Cartographers have to say and write the best response you heard in the second space on the Seminar Notetaking form. Be sure to listen carefully so you can share this information with your Monument Planning Group.

Step Seven: Attend the Project Summit Meeting

Now you're ready to make some decisions! You will meet with your group to choose the person you think is most worthy of a new monument, to plan the new monument and create a script for your presentation.

Click here to go to the Project Summit Meeting or click on the link on the menu on the left.