WOW is an acronym for the Wonders of Washington D.C. In this project, students will work in groups to explore the national monuments, memorials and other important landmarks in Washington D.C.. Students will use their research as a basis for working collaboratively to propose a new monument in our nation's capital.


The President has hired you as the owners of a consulting firm to encourage tourists to visit our capitol for what he calls Project WOW - the Wonders of Washington D.C.. He agrees that there are many fantastic landmarks in the city but there are more memorials that he thinks could be added to honor others who have made a great contribution to our nation. The problem is that he only has enough money right now to invest in one. He wants you to help him make his decision. Who should be honored first? What will the new memorial look like? You make the choice! Click on the arrow below to watch the short video.

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